MarlinManiac Update


Hey Marlin Maniac’s! As you guys all know, yesterday, Michael Jong stepped down as the editor of MarlinManiac. Michael has now become the lead writer for another Florida Marlins blog, Fishstripes. We at MarlinManiac wish him nothing but the best. Please do read his first post on Fishstripes. Michael gave me my first shot at blogging on a sports site and has groomed me to be ready to take over this role. I can not thank him enough for this. I owe him a debt of gratitude and I wish to pay him back by keeping MarlinManiac, the site that he built up over the past two years, at a very high level.

This is a new beginning for MarlinManiac. Let me say this right now, I will not be Michael. He is one of the most respected sabermetric people on the Internet. I do not have the vast knowledge of that field as he does. I do like to play around with advanced statistics and will continue to use them in my posts. I will continue the same writing style that I have been using previously on this site.  If you have not already, please follow the new official MarlinManiac twitter account, @ek24MarlinManiac.

The New MarlinManiac:

With Michael moving on, the rest of the staff here will look the same. We will still James C. Etzbach Jr. posting his daily Thursday posts. I will be posting on a daily basis. I will try to keep you guys caught up on all the off-season talks and analyze what the Marlins need and do not need. One of pieces of advice that I was given by Michael was that I should create a schedule to help the site have a bit of structure and so everyone can be well aware of what is going on. Here is a rough idea of the schedule that I will go with, though it will be tentative to change.

"Monday: Weekend Review of all Marlins news, notes, games, etc.Tuesday: Marlins links, including from other blogs, website, and other Marlins related news sources.Saturday: Weekly recap of the posts and what to look forward to during the Marlins weekend."

Remember, this is a tentative schedule, and you guys can expect this on a weekly basis, probably starting next week. On the other days, I plan to have other Marlins related analysis posts. Of course we have James posting on Thursday’s already. I will also use the same structure that Michael used for his game previews and reviews in the past when the MLB season begins.

We at MarlinManiac are saddened by the departure of our former editor Micheal Jong, but at the same time, we are looking forward to a new future at MarlinManiac and a chance to continue growing this blog. Please continue to support us going forward!