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Miami Marlins: Taste the Rainbow!


Well gang it’s been one crazy week in Marlin land.

First, according to Yahoo’s Tim Brown the Miami Marlins offered free agent first baseman Albert Pujols a 9 year/$225 million contract to play for the fish next year.  Though a conflicting report from Miami Herald beat writer Clark Spencer says that the offer was actually for less than $200 million.   Then there is the supposed 6 year/$90 million contract that Fox Sports reported that the Marlins have offered to free agent shortstop Jose Reyes and the fish have also reportedly offered contracts to both free agent pitchers Mark Buehrle, and Ryan Madson, and they have spoken with the agent for C.J. Wilson….you are looking at a Marlin front office that is serious, or at least it appears to be.  Time will tell for sure.

I can tell you this, the last thing the Marlins front office needs to do is mess with the heads of the Marlins faithful.  I doubt if any team on this planet has a fan-base that hates it’s ownership more than Marlins fans do.  That hatred will only grow if somehow this all turns out to be some kind of circus stunt on the part of the Marlins brass just to gain positive PR appeal.

Next point of discussion is that I’m sure you are all wondering with bated breath what my thoughts are on the new Marlin uniforms and logo.  Let me first start out by saying that I have been the ManOfTeal for almost 20 years now and I don’t intend to change that any time soon.  And as far as the new logo is concerned we can now consider that to be the Marlins worst kept secret ever.  Now, with that being said I will add that the new Marlin uniforms and logo are growing on me, to a certain extent.

Here are the things that I like:

And here is what I do not like:

I like the new uniforms, yes even the orange one, because they did it tastefully and not obnoxious like in the concepts that were leaked in my previous post.  Too bad most of us will have to take out a loan to afford one of these “authentic” uniforms because they are just south of $250 (there are replica’s, but I am a Marlins fan, and a true Marlins fan never wears a replica jersey).  I like the all black hat, although I do think that the “M” is way too big.

As for the all orange hat.  I hope it dies in a fire.  Just imagine them coupled with the all orange jersey and our players are going to look like street cones out on the field.  I bet they can be seen from space and that is not a good thing, unless one of Ozzie’s strategies includes trying to blind our opponents.

Orange jersey with black hat = GOOD!

Orange jersey with orange hat = BAD!

Till next week.

Go Marlins!!!!