Weekly Recap (2/20/12-2/26/12)


It is now time for our weekly review. Expect a very busy week from MarlinManiac this week. As Spring Training has begun, the news and previews should pick up as well. I will have our first player projections up later today.

Will Stanifer:

Ehsan Kassim:

  • We finished up our 1997 v. 2003 World Series team segment for batters. The right field results were unveiled on Monday. Take a look at the team now.
  • The Marlins off-season spending has been well documented. So have the Marlins “misses” this off-season. Are they something that that Marlins fans should worry about going forward? I take a stab at answering that question.
  • MarlinManiac is now operating on FanSided 3.0! We at MarlinManiac are very excited about this. Check out the Hub and its awesomeness today!
  • What has Sean West excited for 2012 Spring Training? The Marlins jerseys are new, but so are the numbers that some of the players are wearing, what players are changing numbers? Wondering how many Nationally televised games the Marlins have? I answer all these question in this Miami Marlins update.
  • As you all know, the MLB season is just over a month away! MarlinManiac is prepping for that. Check out what is going to be featured on MarlinManiac over the next month and during the season.