Weekly Recap (3/12/12-3/18/12)


It is on to another week here on Marlin Maniac. As the weeks of March keep passing by, the closer we are getting to seeing the brand new Miami Marlins take the field for the first time in a game that actually counts! This past week debuted one more new writer on Marlin Maniac.

Lets get started with the weekly recap.

Will Stanifer:

Matthew Schnur:

  • Matthew takes a look at some past ballpark success stories. Can the Marlins join the teams with the prior success? Read the article here.

Bill Moore:

Al DeGaetano:

Ehsan Kassim:

  •  As the month of March nears its end, so does Spring Training. On Wednesday I gave you guys some updates on some Marlins injuries and demotions.
  • Logan Morrison is a good hitter and should provide plenty of offense for the Fish. In the left field preview though, we take a look at if his defense in left field is significantly bad enough to take some of his overall value away.
  • Memo to Marlins fans, Dontrelle Willis is done as a MLB pitcher. Can we stop talking about bringing him back to Miami for sentimental reasons?
  • Competition is always healthy. This Spring, the Marlins do not have a whole lot of competition going on. That is a good thing for this team. On Saturday I gave you guys updates on competitions for the 4th starter role, bullpen, and the outfield. Give that a read today.

And finally, here is our newest addition to Marlin Maniac:

Geoff Parkins: