Miami Marlins Are Cheap Again?


It’s that time of the year again for the Fish……A time when competing teams try to acquire talent to help make a push for the playoffs. This time is different for the Miami Marlins and it’s fans.

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It’s the annual fire sale.

The burning of the team started last week when the Marlins traded their former closer Steve Cishek to the Cardinals in exchange for Double-A reliever Kyle Barraclough.

Now Miami has sent two off-season acquisitions to the Dodgers in exchange for even more prospects. (Reportedly, deal might be falling apart.)

The player next to be dealt is probably Dan Haren. There are also reports of the Marlins shopping Marcell Ozuna, Martin Prado, and Derek Dietrich, if Miami gets a good offer.

Before we go knocking on the Miami Marlins for making these deals, let’s just realize that they need to do these. We all just wish they would do it differently.

The Marlins, yet again, are taking the cheap route. Instead of eating some salary to get a higher rated prospect, the Marlins are asking teams to take on all the salary of the player coming their way. Since the Marlins are doing this, they aren’t getting any good returns which doesn’t solve their main problem.

What is this main problem?

The problem is the Marlins have a bad Major League team and a bad Minor League team and getting low-end prospects is not going to fix the problem.

Entering the season the Miami Marlins already had the league’s lowest pay roll and now they have shed the contracts of the Steve Cishek, Mat Latos, and Michael Morse. That is probably a bit north of 20 million over the next two years.

This isn’t the only thing the Marlins are being cheap about.

The Marlins saw Marcell Ozuna struggling, so they pounced on the opportunity to send him down to Triple-A New Orléans, which was already a questionable move since they had no depth to replace him.

But we later figured out the motive of the move wasn’t for him to go down and try to fix himself. The motive was to slow down his arbitration clock. If Ozuna would have stayed up, he would have been Super 2 eligible this off-season, but now the Marlins can avoid that if they keep him in AAA until August 8th.

These are the same old Marlins.

They have not changed. Unless they use this money they are saving to sign quality free agents, all these moves make it look like they are the same cheap Marlins.

If you want to know more about Marlins trade rumors, watch our Marlin Maniac podcast from last week here.

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