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Miami Marlins Trade Tracker: Latos to the Dodgers


Welcome to the Mat Latos Trade Tracker, where we’ll provide you updates throughout the trade. For the initial news, refer to Sean’s article. Updates will be provided here throughout the working of the trade.

(4:17 PM ET) — Current state of trade: Mat Latos and Michael Morse to the Dodgers, three prospects, including RHP Jeff Brigham, will be heading to the Marlins.

(4:27 PM ET)

(4:30 PM ET)

(4:33 PM ET) — Reported delay is likely due to Dodgers trying to flip Morse.

(4:49 PM ET) — Quotes from Jennings, Deal not finished — Scott Gelman, Fish Stripes

1) “I’ve read and heard the same things you guys have but I have not heard anything official,” Jennings said. “Until we get something official, right now it’s just a lot of talk. I am waiting to hear from [President of Baseball Operations] Michael Hill to see if something has been finalized.”

2) “It’s not my department anymore,” Jennings said. “I just wait for the phone call now. I do see two people missing. They are probably in a holding pattern pending.”

(5:13 PM ET) — Trade chaos is ensuing. No end in sight for Latos/Morse to Dodgers.

(5:25 PM ET) — Confusion among who was informed, confusion all around!

(5:33 PM ET) — Latos and Morse waiting, stalling seems to be due to medical reports. Yeah, medical reports. This has become on of the most bizarre trades in Marlins history.

(5:39 PM ET) — Will the trade even happen?

(6:10 PM ET) — It’s been nearly 45 minutes since any update on the Latos trade.

(6:25 PM ET) — This trade is coming closer to falling apart. No trade has occurred so far, again becoming arguably the most bizarre trade or non-trade in Marlins history.

(6:54 PM ET) — It’s about time for the game, with both Latos and Morse in uniform. The trade is now in a holding pattern, talks could resume after the game.

(7:01 PM ET) — Game about to begin

(7:30 PM ET) — Maybe the deal is closer than expected

(7:40 PM ET) — Seems as if trade is still intact, just on delay.

(8:12 PM ET) — A third team is in on the trade, the rival Atlanta Braves, per Ken Rosenthal.

(8:22 PM ET) — “Significant players involved.” Looks like the trade is heating up.

(8:30 PM ET) — Speculation continues to occur among trade pieces.

(8:47 PM ET) — Alex Wood, first piece from Atlanta side in trade. Jim Johnson would go to Los Angeles too.

(8:53 PM ET) — Braves top prospect enters the conversation, could he go to Miami?

(8:55 PM ET) — More Specifics

(8:58 PM ET) — Trade is nearing completion

(9:02 PM ET) — More details

(9:05 PM ET) — Puig isn’t involved

(9:10 PM ET) — Hector Olivera is involved

(9:14 PM ET) — More details specified

(9:20 PM ET) — Updated Trade so Far, Who do the Marlins get??

(9:24 PM ET) — The 3-team trade now may be two 2-team trades…

(9:34 PM ET) — Morse would go to Atlanta

(9:42 PM ET) — Dodgers may flip Wood for Price

(9:43 PM ET) — Trade FAR FROM DONE?????

(9:52 PM ET) — This trade may not get done tonight…..

(10:10 PM ET) — Trade not fully completed

(10:21 PM ET) — Morse and Latos have packed up

(10:23 PM ET) — The relievers Miami will receive are announced, Latos WILL BE TRADED!

(10:29 PM ET) — Deal likely to get done

(11:10 PM ET) — Standstill on trade, seems as if pieces are in set.

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