Miami Marlins RTD: Marcell Ozuna’s Future; Thoughts on Next Manager

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Oct 1, 2015; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Miami Marlins center fielder Marcell Ozuna (13) is congratulated by second baseman Dee Gordon (9) as he scored a run during the fifth inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

2. Should the Miami Marlins trade center fielder Marcell Ozuna? What’s a realistic return if they do decide to move Ozuna?

Ehsan Kassim: Trading Marcell Ozuna should not even be on the Miami Marlins radar right now. His trade value is at its lowest and the team is unlikely to recoup the type of value they should be able to get for the talented right hander. The team should still remain open to listening to offers, but unless a team offers a young, top of the rotation arm to the Marlins, there is zero need to trade him.

Daniel Zylberkan: The Marlins should not trade Marcell Ozuna. He had a slow start to 2015 and his approach looked a little out of sorts. He has legitimate power which is incredibly valuable in this environment. It would be a mistake to trade him. I think a realistic return for Ozuna would be a controllable major league pitcher but not a true top of the rotation type pitcher. Not Danny Salazar or someone like that. 

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Michael Sonbeek: No they should not. Trevor Bauer could be an interesting return. But they will end up sending Ozuna in the Chapman deal. Ugh.

Sean Millerick: Performance wise, Ozuna’s value has never been lower. But as I wrote earlier in the summer, his contract status and potential still accrue to him a good deal of value. If someone is willing to deal Miami a young, controllable SP with No. 2 potential, they have to make the deal. The same is likely true if they are offered a solid veteran 1st/3rd baseman with pop and the ability to hit with RISP. But if moving for prospects and future payoff- than he should stay in Miami, unless the club is planning to pay premium dollars to replace him.

Charlie Clark: I’m not sure they should deal Ozuna. His contract situation is ideal right now, and his value is lower than it has ever been. To trade Ozuna, they should look for a high 3 starter or above. The Marlins could use some pitching, and Ozuna would be a good way to acquire that.

Christian La Fontaine: There is absolutely no reason to trade Ozuna right now. He’s young, controllable, and since the Fish aren’t a contending team anyway there’s no opportunity cost if he continues to struggle. Even if there was something to be gained by trading him, with the way he’s struggled this year his trade value is virtually non-existent. Plus he’s one of only 3 active players who shares my birthday, so I’d really like to see him remain on my team.

Mark Laming: For the right return, it would be worth dealing Ozuna only if you get a good package of prospects or a young controllable player at his level. I would be in no rush to jump ship on Ozuna who hit .277 after coming up from his vacation in AAA and showed some encouraging signs that we saw in 2014. That being said, he’s in no way untouchable and if the Fish get a fair offer, it’d be worth it to refresh the organization’s talent gap.

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