The Miami Marlins most indispensable player in 2020

Is there really a wrong answer in deciding who the most indispensable player is in the Miami Marlins organization?

Talking about the Miami Marlins most indispensable player is as subjective a topic as there is heading into the 2020 season. But when I read what Anthony Castrovince of wrote, I did a double-take.

Do I think Sixto Sanchez is an important part of the future of this franchise? Yes. But do I think he is the most indispensable? That is highly debatable.

And this is why we have stories like these – to conjure up some great debates and see where Marlins fans stand with the topic.

“To their credit, the Marlins have made attempts to improve their competitiveness in 2020. But their focus is still on the future, and nobody in their system commands as much interest as this J.T. Realmuto trade acquisition, who manager Don Mattingly already jokes is a first-name-only type of celebrity (just call him “Sixto”) in Miami,” Castrovince writes.

There are a few ways to look at his comments and still see his valid points. Admittedly, I would have chosen someone from the current roster who could have more of an impact this season and beyond. I’m sure Castrovince has heard of third baseman Brian Anderson. I know he is aware of Sandy Alcantara. Isan Diaz might be part of this conversation as well if there is a belief he can hit 25 home runs and raise his batting average about .275. The Sanchez argument needs some time to build and gain some momentum.

“Now, MLB Pipeline’s No. 22 overall prospect just needs to debut in 2020 … and be the guiding light in a rebuild centered largely around pitching,” Castrovince adds.

He is correct in stating the Miami Marlins have done one heck of a job building a minor league system that is predicated on the growth of young arms as five of the top 10 prospects are pitchers. This is a belief No. 10 prospect Nick Neidert will start this season in the Marlins bullpen. Edward Cabrera, who is a top-five prospect is believed to be on the cusp of the MLB roster and could eventually turn out to be better than Sanchez over time.

Then there are Braxton Garrett and Trevor Rogers who are holdovers from the old ownership group and are waiting their turn as well to make the Majors. It could be a totally different rotation in five years’ time. That’s not an indictment rather praise for the growth process Derek Jeter has put together with this organization.

The Marlins also have Jose Guzman in their top 30 prospects, who could become the team’s closer of the future.

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