3 Miami Marlins players definitely gone at the Trade Deadline

Tim Anderson
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The Trade Deadline is just around the corner, so expect the Miami Marlins to be even worse after the obvious upcoming trades. As we get closer to some of the injured players finally coming back, let's take a look at the three likeliest Fish players to change teams in the next few weeks. The return is unlikely to be great, and none of these players is going to be playing in the All-Star Game.

NOTE: This article was written before Tim Anderson was released.

Three Miami Marlins players likeliest to be traded by the Trade Deadline.


Tim Anderson is finally playing better after being...less than good this season. He's still currently batting just .214/.237/.226, with 0 home runs and 9 RBI in 65 games and 234 AB. He's also worth -1.2 WAR, BUT he's been batting over .400 only recently for a span of two weeks. That production has declined as well, but with him being a free agent after the season there's just no chance that he's still on the team mid-season.

I may be cheating a bit, but I'm also considering the possibility that he's not traded but waived instead. That is if his production really goes downhill even further, there's still good reason to believe that The Fish can get something for him in a trade. Even if it's just a lottery pick far away prospect.

It really wasn't that long ago, when he batted .301/.339/.395 for the Chicago White Sox back in 2021. Some SS-needy team will definitely have some interest in his services.