Marlins fans should be unhappy about the All-Star Game voting

Jazz Chisholm Jr.
Jazz Chisholm Jr. / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The now infamous trade is still haunting the Miami Marlins and the team's fans. It's now clearly reflected in All-Star Game voting. There are no Miami Marlins players voted in at the moment after phase 1 of voting has passed. This is frustrating news to those of us that care about the game. Of course every team's players get in, but it does seem more of a pity selection.

No Miami Marlins players were voted into the All-Star Game in phase 1.

It's not fun to see former Miami Marlins 2B Luis Arraez get voted in as the starting second baseman for the NL in the game. I mean I'm happy for him as a person and player, but it's frustrating to see someone just traded AWAY from The Fish get in. The defending NL batting champ will be representing the San Diego Padres during the game instead.

As expected, the popularity contest that is the All-Star Game vote rewarded Philadelphia Phillies 1B Bryce Harper the most. Harper is the top vote-getter in the NL and the expected starter at first base during the game. Philly is actually well represented at the All-Star Game. It's not just Bryce, as SS Trea Turner is the finalist for the starting SS job. His teammate RF Nick Castellanos is in line for an OF job, or at least a selection in general. Which is surprising considering the former Miami Marlins target's performance this season.

You think that I'm done listing Phillies players? 3B Alec Bohm is a finalist for the third base job at the All-Star Game! It seems this is less the NL team and more of a Philadelphia Phillies team. The Fish will still have someone selected, but it seems it won't be due to the popular vote. It will likely be CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. in case you're wondering about who it will likely be.

The All-Star Game is really a glorified popularity contest and not an important game. The latter realization is why I no longer have any interest in the game personally. Especially with barely any Marlins players to watch play.

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