3 Miami Marlins players that we won't miss after they're gone this season

There are three players who we won't miss when they're traded and allowed to leave as free agents
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There are three players that the Miami Marlins will almost certainly part ways with after the season. The Fish are already selling off pieces and there are constant trade rumors floating around. The Trade Deadline will likely lead to more trades, but these three players are probably not even good enough for that. They're almost certainly gone as free agents instead however.

Three players that the Miami Marlins will certainly move on from after the season.


Christian Bethancourt has been a complete disaster as The Fish's catcher. Technically he's a backup these days and is a free agent after next season. He's making a $2.05 million salary this season, which is way too high for a backup who is currently worth -0.5 WAR. I see no way where the Miami Malins don't non-tender him after the season. Literally anyone is better than him at this point. I can't even put into words how bad he's been.

Bethancourt is currently batting .132/.179/.170 with no home runs and no RBI, in 24 games and 53 AB. He's so bad I really don't even know what else to say about him. I guess it would be nice to say that he might improve, but he's already 32 years old. He's not going to get better and prior to this season, he was a career .231/.261/.361 hitter from 2013-2023, for the Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, Oakland Athletics and the Tampa Bay Rays. He's getting non-tendered after the season.