5 Biggest off-season losers and how they affect the Miami Marlins

Five teams that had the worst off-seasons will surprise you

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It's almost impossible to believe how bad this team's off-season went. The Angels are in a terrible position, playing for Los Angeles, when they actually play in Anaheim. What makes it worse, is that their neighbors the Los Angeles Dodgers happen to be regular contenders with a better history.

The Angels seem to be on a mission to waste Mike Trout's best years and the only thing worse was losing Shohei Ohtani...to the Dodgers. After losing a generational superstar to their biggest rivals, there was only one way to go. After losing a competitive race for Ohtani, they needed to grab the attention away from their rivals by turning themselves into division favorites.

Wait, they didn't actually have a competitive race, they weren't even mentioned to be in the running for Ohtani. That begs the question of why they didn't just trade him at the trade deadline. The team promised to be "aggressive" this off-season, which seemed to be code for just adding to the bullpen.

I honestly don't understand the logic. They lie to the fans about trying to improve the team and lose a generational player to their biggest rivals while seemingly just watching it happen. They couldn't sign anyone?! Their rotation is pretty bad, the lineup has a lot to be desired... they didn't actually try to improve the team or rebuild. It was an off-season I hope never to see from the Miami Marlins.

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