A mostly positive update on an injured Miami Marlins pitcher

We have more information on Eury Perez's injured elbow

Eury Perez
Eury Perez / Rich Storry/GettyImages

There's been quite a few pitching injuries affecting the Miami Marlins before the season even started. While there are a few things that The Fish could've done, this article is about a mostly positive report on starting pitcher Eury Perez. This is better news, after the disappointing news from last night.

Miami Marlins starting pitcher Eury Perez may be returning sooner than expected.

Eury Perez has been an elite Miami Marlins prospect who finally debuted last season. He produced a phenomenal 3.15 ERA/4.11 FIP, with 10.6 K/9 and 3.1 BB/9, in 19 games and 91.1 innings pitched. He was expected to be on an innings limit this season, but to still put up strong numbers as the team's number two starting pitcher.

Eury had injury issues throughout Spring Training, from a broken fingernail to elbow issues. It looked more alarming by the week, with the threat of looming Tommy John Surgery seemingly just around the corner. It sounds as if the worst may have been avoided, though it sadly still isn't a 100% certainty.

The report after doctor's evaluations is that Eury Perez will be going on the 15-day IL to start the season. He's been diagnosed with elbow inflammation and surgery has NOT been recommended. This is of course great news, though it comes with a couple red flags. First of all, while he's going on the 15-day IL, it's not clear if that's all that he'll need. He might end up needing more time before coming back.

We also don't know if rest will definitely cure him. It's sadly possible that the inflammation won't subside and sugery may still be on the table. The important thing here is that we don't really know what the diagnosis is. We don't know if surgery will definitely be unneeded, or if it's just not needed for now.

Eury Perez is currently not set to get surgery for his elbow. He's going on the 15-day IL and is expected to pitch at some point this season, presumably before the All-Star break. We don't know if the 15-day IL is enough or if he needs more than that.

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