Another publication has a strangely negative take on the Miami Marlins

The negative takes continue and are overly pessimistic

Jesus Luzardo
Jesus Luzardo / Rich Storry/GettyImages

It doesn't look like many of the major publications out there are high on the Miami Marlins for this upcoming season. I'm in complete disagreement with this takes, considering that the team has good management. In this particular case, I'm talking about an article about potential Trade Deadline trades. The article assumes that Opening Game starter Jesus Luzardo is getting traded. That doesn't make any sense and here's why...

Don't expect Jesus Luzardo to be traded this upcoming season.

Why can't the Miami Marlins make the playoffs again in 2024? Even if that sadly doesn't happen, The Fish can still stay in playoff contention throughout the season, which makes trading Jesus Luzardo completely nonsensical. If The Fish are even remotely in contention for a playoff spot, trading the ace is just a guaranteed way to anger the fanbase and destroy playoff chances.

The only way I can see The Fish trading Jesus Luzardo at the Trade Deadline, is if the team is unbelievably bad. I'm talking Oakland Athletics type of bad. The type of bad where the playoffs are not even a remote possibility. Even then I would still wonder if trading Luzardo would be the next step. It could simply mean waiting until the off-season to improve the team. That's the Tampa Bay Rays way and that's why Peter Bendix was brought in. It's just too early to trade Luzardo for financial reasons by the way.

In fact, the Miami Marlins have an advantage of the likely possibility that a major division rival's bat will be traded at the Trade Deadline instead. I'm of course talking about first baseman Pete Alonso of the New York Mets. Alonso's agent is Scott Boras. He is yet to sign an extension with the Mets and is a free agent at the end of the season. The Mets are also not even expected to make the playoffs this season. Alonso isn't even on their list! How is that possible at all?

There's very little reason to believe that the Miami Marlins will be trading Jesus Luzardo by the Trade Deadline. The most likely scenario is that a trade won't happen until next off-season at the earliest.

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