Bad news for the Miami Marlins farm system

Noble Meyer
Noble Meyer / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins have three prospects on the MLB top 100 prospects list. There's definitely some hope for some further improvements and that's a good thing, considering the team's Major League stats. I was curious to see what Fangraphs thinks about the actual farm system rankings and there's quite a bit to discuss about that...

Fangraphs doesn't have good news for the Miami Marlins...

So how does Fangraphs rate the Miami Marlins farm system? It makes sense to first see how other teams are being ranked. How does the top five look? The Baltimore Orioles are unsurprisingly in the top spot. The Chicago Cubs are in the second spot, heavily raising their system, but still not doing good this season. Perhaps the farm will help lift them in upcoming years. The Los Angeles Dodgers are third, seemingly being at the top eternally. The AL East rivals Boston Red Sox are right next to each other.

The Boston Red Sox are at #4, while the New York Yankees are at #5. With not one but THREE AL East teams in the top five, let's be glad that The Fish are in the other league. So how does the NL East look like? The Washington Nationals have the highest rated farm system in the division at #6. The New York Mets are middle of the pack at #14, which is still pretty solid.

Interestingly, the Philadelphia Phillies are at #15, being right next to the Mets. The Atlanta Braves are at #22, which isn't good, but they have a strong core already locked up basically for the decade at this point. It's time to get to The Fish and it's unfortunately not very good.

The Miami Marlins are in a lowly #28 spot. That's only two spots better than the worst ranked farm system! which system is at #30? That's actually the Kansas City Royals, with the Los Angeles Angels just slightly better at #29. The Fish are rated very low, which makes me very upset. I really hope that Peter Bendix knows what he's doing, and that he has a plan to improve the farm system.

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