These stats tell the story of a poor Miami Marlins season

Jesus Luzardo
Jesus Luzardo / Orlando Ramirez/GettyImages

It would be an understatement to say that this Miami Marlins season did not go as expected. Injuries to starting pitchers such as Jesus Luzardo, Braxton Garrett and Eury Perez ruined the season. Some of them are coming back soon. Hitting hasn't exactly been much better, with the likes of 3B Jake Burger having down seasons. So how are The Fish doing stats wise? Where are the biggest issues coming from?

How do the Miami Marlins look like based on stats?

The team batting average is a below average .231, though strangely the Seattle Mariners actually have the worst one in the Majors at .218. Looking at how The Fish get on base it's not much better... The Fish have a Major League WORST .280 mark! The players are simply not drawing walks as much as they need t, among other issues. The Fish have a Major League worst 170 walks. For context, the Chicago White Sox are second worst with 222 walks. The New York Yankees have the lead with 336.

The good news for the Miami Marlins do come on the strikeout side, with a slightly above average 677 strikeouts. The team is however dead last in home runs with 66. At least The Fish are second worst in RBI (ahead of the White Sox) with 284 (Chicago has 254).

What about the pitching side? It should be no surprise that The Fish have a below average 4.52 team ERA, a below average 4.18 team FIP, a below average 8.2 K/9 and a below average 3.4 BB/9. None of these stats show much promise. Due to injuries, the performance of the pitching staff has been soundly below average. Perhaps the stats would've been higher with better health...

The Miami Marlins pitching staff accumulated a below average 675 strikeouts, and gave out a below average 282 walks. I mean I'm not sure what to add to these disappointing and frustrating numbers. It's pretty clear that The Fish aren't a playoff team and need a lot of work done, and better health to do better next season. I still have hope...

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