Best Miami Marlins draft pick of all time

Giancarlo Stanton
Giancarlo Stanton / Mark Brown/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins drafted Noble Meyer in the first round of the 2023 draft. Time will tell just how good he, and other draft picks will actually be. We can however review The Fish's previous picks and see which one was actually the best. For context, I looked at the best draft picks for other NL East teams as well. Are you ready for the list?

The Miami Marlins greatest draft pick is....

Let's start with the Atlanta Braves, and their greatest pick is none other than former third baseman Chipper Jones. Chipper spent his entire 19 year career in Atlanta, and batted .303/.401/.529. He was worth an incredible 85.3 WAR. The franchise player was drafted first in 1992.

The New York Mets made starting pitcher Nolan Ryan their best ever draft pick. Ryan was actually drafted in the 10'th round as the #295 pick. Yes, there were 294 players drafted over Nolan Ryan! He has a career 3.19 ERA/2.97 FIP in his remarkable 27 seasons. He only played for the Mets early in his career however, spending the rest with both Texas teams and the California Angels. He has a career 81.3 WAR and a 3.0 one with the Mets.

The best pick ever for the Washington Nationals came when they were the Montreal Expos. He was the #36 second round pick in 1985. The player being starting pitcher Randy Johnson. He has a career 101.1 WAR but only 0.1 with Montreal. The Philadelphia Phillies drafted SS Mike Schmidt in the second round of 1971, making him pick #30. He ended up switching to third base, and helping Philly win their first ever World Series. He's worth 106.8 WAR for his 18 year career, entirely in Philly.

So what is the best pick for the Miami Marlins? Well... it has to be RF Giancarlo Stanton in the second round of 2017 (#76). Stanton never made the playoffs with The Fish, and had constant injury and strikeout issues. He did hit 59 home runs in an exciting home run race in 2017. He spent 7 years (2012-2017) with The Fish, and batted .268/.360/.554. He was worth 35.7 WAR.