Miami Marlins draft breakdown (rounds 3-6)

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The Miami Marlins had an interesting draft so far and we got you covered the whole way through. Let's take a look at rounds three to six now. I'm not going to talk about the other teams, as there's a LOT of picks here, so I'll just focus on The Fish's picks. There's definitely some interesting ones to analyze, as Kim Ng is trying to improve the recently declined farm. You can see all of the picks here.

The Miami Marlins made some interesting picks in rounds 3-6.

Let's start with the third round pick (#78) of the Miami Marlins. That ended up being first baseman Brock Vradenburg from Michigan State. Vradenburg is 21 years old and is a 6'7 left-handed hitter. He's not a particularly good defender, but has power which is what The Fish need. He hit .400/.492/.721 at the Coastal Plains League, which is what helped make him a third rounder.

Vradenburg is a patient hitter, who rarely chases pitchers and doesn't strike out much. He does however hit too many ground balls, so that is something that he will need to improve in the Minor Leagues. He's also surprisingly fast for his size. I'm excited for this pick and have hope that Brock Vradenburg will make it to the Majors.

The Miami Marlins drafted LHP Emmett Olson in the fourth round (#110 overall). The 21 year old is from Nebraska and is pretty big at 6'4 and 230 lbs. Unfortunately there's not much to like about him. He only has one good pitch in his slider. He doesn't get many strikeouts with his 93-95 mph fastball, and his changeup and curveball are below average pitches as well. I'm not thrilled about this pick.

The fifth round saw the Miami Marlins draft RHP Andrew Lindsey with the #172 overall pick. Lindsey is already 23 years old, so he's on the older side of draft picks. Lindsey actually took the 2022 season off, before deciding to return this year. He has a solid fastball, but his best pitch is his slider. He has other pitches, but he primarily uses this fastball/slider combo. He's an intriguing pick, as he could end up as a bottom of the rotation starter or maybe a useful bullpen piece.

The final pick I'll cover is the sixth round #173 pick OF Jake DeLeo. DeLeo is from Georgia Tech and is a right-handed hitter. There's not much out there about him, so he seems more like a lottery ticket type of pick.

I have the highest expectations for Brock Vradenburg and Andrew Lindsey. I'm excited to see how they'll do in the Minors.

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