Miami Marlins: First pick analysis

Kim Ng
Kim Ng / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The MLB Draft finally started and day 1 is in the books! We took a look at some mock drafts in anticipation of the big day... The latest one turned out to only be somewhat right. Who was the first round number 10 pick? Is he a good one? What did the other teams do? I'll focus on the first round here and specifically the top 10 picks including The Fish's.

The Miami Marlins had the number 10 pick in the first round.

The Pittsburgh Pirates were rumored to be drafting a hitter, but ended up going with a potential generational talent in RHP Paul Skenes. Skenes has an "unhittable" slider and a good changeup. Great pick. The Washington Nationals picked second and went with CF Dylan Crews. Crews has an advanced approach and can hit for contact or power. The belief is that he might quickly make it to the Majors.

The Detroit Tigers picked third and went with CF Max Clark. Clark is a high schooler and the belief was that Detroit would take a college hitter. He doesn't have good power, but has speed and a good arm. For a fifth straight year, the Texas Rangers drafted a college hitter, selecting OF Wyatt Langford with the fourth pick. He's from Florida so it's a shame he went too early for The Fish. The Minnesota Twins drafted OF Walker Jenkins and his lefty power. The Oakland Athletics took the best contact hitter in the draft in SS Jacob Wilson in a great move.

The Cincinnati Reds picked seventh and went with RHP Rhett Lowder. They needed the best available to them pitcher and got one. In a strange move, the Kansas City Royals went with High School C Blake Mitchell as the eighth pick. Risky move for them. RHP Chase Dollander went ninth to the Colorado Rockies, who will need to fix his command.

So who did the Miami Marlins pick tenth? RHP Noble Meyer. I don't know how I feel about this. He's a high school pitcher, which makes me concerned. He's also not a hitter, which was the biggest need for the team. Both things said, he has a triple digits fastball, a promising slider and a "good feel" for his changeup. The promise is there and he could potentially be a future ace.

Meyer's stuff is believed to be advanced for a high schooler and he very much impressed Miami Marlins scouts. That clearly played a major part in Kim Ng deciding to pick him. It's important to note that The Fish are great at developing pitchers, which also seems to have played a part in this pick. Ng is reportedly confident that signing him won't be a problem.

Kim Ng had this to say:

"Very excited about this pick. First of all, I guess I would say we were surprised that he fell to us. That was great. This is a pitcher who we believe will be a top-of-the-rotation type pitcher. He's got four pitches, three of them plus. One of the things that struck me as we talked about him, watched video, was the confidence and poise that this particular pitcher has. He's just a real polished kid.”

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