Miami Marlins: The latest mock draft with an unexpected pick!

Bud Selig
Bud Selig / Mike Stobe/GettyImages
facebooktwitterreddit published yet another mock draft. I wrote about mock drafts before and even last night, and Brian wrote about good first round options for the Miami Marlins as well. With the draft coming up, I thought that it would make sense to look at what the industry thinks and who The Fish could draft. Are you ready for another mock draft? Do you think that it will be accurate? Once again this is mostly focused on the first round, let's begin...

The Miami Marlins have an interesting first round pick in this mock draft.

The talk is that the Pittsburgh Pirates may not draft OF Dylan Crews with their first round pick. They're now projected to take RHP Paul Skenes. At least in this particular mock draft. It's possible that they spend an incredible $9.1 million on signing him, leaving them with $600,000 for the rest of their picks. Crews is then projected to go to the Washington Nationals with the second pick of the draft. I expect Crews and Skenes to be the top two picks.

The Detroit Tigers are then projected to take OF Wyatt Langford with the third pick. This is something that I see in multiple mock drafts. The Texas Rangers are projected to take OF Max Clark with the fifth pick. Texas is supposedly very interested in him. The Minnesota Twins pick fifth and are projected to draft OF Walker Jenkins. The two picks were flipped in another mock draft.

The hapless Oakland Athletics pick sixth and are projected to draft 3B Brayden Taylor. I've seen that before too, despite him being a #15 projected prospect. He's a college hitter and apparrently that's what the future Las Vegas Athletics want.

The Cincinnati Reds pick seventh and are projected to draft RHP Rhett Lowder. It's yet another repeated prediction. The Kansas City Royals pick eighth, and are projected to draft RHP Noble Meyer. They're reportedly interested in him and can get him at a below-slot deal. The Colorado Rockies pick ninth and are projected to draft RHP Chase Dollander. Colorado is looking for arms so that makes sense. I saw this prediction before as well.

The Miami Marlins pick tenth and are projected to draft C Kyle Teel from Virginia this time. He's not projected in other drafts, probably because he's rated seventh on the prospect list. I would much prefer him to some other projected picks.

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