Can a Miami Marlins prospect turn around his career?

Jacob Berry
Jacob Berry / Rob Carr/GettyImages

As we ponder all of the reasons why the Miami Marlins were eliminated from the playoffs... There are some exciting Miami Marlins prospect news coming out lately. It seems that first base prospect Jacob Berry may be able to live up to his past prospect hype. Can the sixth overall pick from the 2022 draft become the star that he was one projected to one day become?

The Miami Marlins may finally see first base prospect Jacob Berry live up to the hype.

The Miami Marlins need offensive help, and needed it back in 2022 as well, when the team selected Jacob Berry as the aforementioned sixth overall pick in that year's draft. Berry batted .370/.464/.630 and had just a 9% strikeout rate back in college. He had his first professional season in 2022, and batted a poor .125/.222/.125 in 4 games and 16 AB in Rookie ball. He was promoted to single A and batted .264/.358/.392 in 33 games and 125 AB. That was an improvement and showed his potential for even more of an improvement next season.

Jacob Berry was promoted to the A+ level in 2023. He wasn't as good, batting .227/.278/.369 in 79 games and 317 AB. It was a disappointing result, but could he improve upon a move to AA? He batted .248/.301/.442 in 28 games and 113 AB at that level. The #4 Miami Marlins prospect is now paying in the Fall League to improve further.

Berry is aware of his results and (as can be seen in an above linked article) said that he's excited to be playing more this season. He's also learning third base to become a more versatile player. He had this to say:

"I want to be a well-rounded player. That’s something I was raised to be from high school to college to now, and I just want to become a more well-rounded player and help my team win. There’s other facets I can help with and not just in the batter’s box.”

First baseman Josh Bell has a player option to decide on after the season, and that leaves first base as an unstable position going forward. Jacob Berry rapidly improving is especially important for the Miami Marlins.

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