Former Miami Marlins President insults Jazz Chisholm Jr.

Jazz Chisholm Jr. opened up about the clubhouse culture recently
Jazz Chisholm Jr.
Jazz Chisholm Jr. / Rich Storry/GettyImages

As we deal with questionable decisions, Miami Marlins CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. had said some harsh words about former SS Miguel Rojas recently. Jazz called out Rojas for encouraging a toxic locker room, basically described him as a "bad person" and said that he had no right to criticize others when he "sucks". These were strong words and former team President David Samson fired back.

Miami Marlins CF Jazz Chisholm Jr.'s comments are now causing some backlash.

David Samson was the President of the Miami Marlins from 2002 to 2017. During that time he helped the team win the World Series, as well as played an integral part in the team rebranding from the Florida Marlins to the Miami Marlins. He is previous owner Jeffrey Loria's stepson (at least according to Wiki) and a bit of a controversial figure.

Samson has been known to making...some questionable comments over the years. He bragged about allegedly "conning" Miami officials for ballpark funding, insulted Marlins fans and made questionable (to say the least) comments about women. He probably wouldn't win an award for humanitarian of the year and you can be excused for calling him a horrible person.

It looks as if despite no longer having anything to do with the team, Samson still felt the need to comment and this is what he said:

“For him to say that Miguel Rojas is a bad person is incredibly disingenuous…
What have you done Jazz? Nothing… …they would’ve kicked your ass and that would have been the end of you…”

Wow. It appears that David Samson is a fan of Miguel Rojas. That's fine, but his claim that Jazz didn't do anything is petty stupid. Worse, he's implying that Rojas would've physically attacked Jazz and then draw your own conclusions. It's a rather bizarre and offensive thing to say and doesn't speak much to Samson's intelligence.

Jazz Chisholm Jr. may have went a bit too far in talking about Miguel Rojas's ability, but his outspokenness is a good quality and it makes sense why he spoke out. David Samson took an unnecessary childish and bizarre shot and that just makes him look bad. Just stay away David.

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