Miami Marlins star Jazz Chisholm Jr. has some shocking words about a former teammate

Jazz Chisholm Jr. did not hold back in a recent interview
Jazz Chisholm Jr.
Jazz Chisholm Jr. / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Miami Marlins CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. is looking to have a big year. He's certainly living up to that hype in Spring Training so far. He's however in the news now for a whole different reason. Miami Marlins X is fired up as the star had some choice words to say about former teammate, current Los Angeles Dodgers IF Miguel Rojas.

Miami Marlins star CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. had some harsh words about former teammate Miguel Rojas

Speaking with The Pivot Podcast recently, Jazz Chisholm J. talked about the Miami Marlins clubhouse being "toxic" when he and Miguel Rojas were teammates. Jazz and Rojas played together from 2020-2022. It turned out that things weren't that great between the two. Throughout that period, Jazz played second base and Rojas played SS, so they were next to each other on the field as well.

Jazz called out the "team captains" for causing a "toxic" atmosphere:

I was already a team leader without being called a team leader. But you can't be a team leader when you've got guys in the clubhouse that's been in there for nine, ten years, even though they suck. They've been there for nine, ten years and the team calls them the team captain. But like, they're not a good captain. They're not a good person. You're not even a good athlete at this point. You're just here and you're bringing down the young guys that are supposed to be good.

While he does not name him by name, it's been widely assumed that he's talking about Miguel Rojas. It's definitely good to know that the clubhouse culture has changed for the better (he says that later), but it's alarming to hear how it used to be. It's also a bit questionable for Jazz to put down Rojas for his skills.

Rojas batted .265/.318/.366 from 2015-2022, in 870 games and 2670 AB. Rojas was never known for his bat, but did play good defense throughout his time on the team. His highest WAR was a 2.6 performance in 2021. It may be a bit harsh to say that he "sucks", but he also wasn't a star or the face of the franchise.

Rojas was also known for blocking critical fans on social media, though I personally don't have that experience. It does seem that Miguel Rojas should have had a nicer attitude towards his teammates and fans. I did however speak with Jazz Chisholm Jr. in the past and believe him to be a nice guy and someone who should not have to deal with a toxic locker room. I'm glad that the Miami Marlins locker room is better now.

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