Miami Marlins Spring Training stats will surprise you

The Fish are getting ready for the season and Spring Training is giving us a look

Jazz Chisholm Jr.
Jazz Chisholm Jr. / Rich Storry/GettyImages

It wouldn't have hurt the Miami Marlins to add certain players this off-season. You should certainly get to know the players that were in fact added. One thing that's important to point out, is that the offense may be better than expected this season. Still, as the season nears, we can have a better idea of how certain players will do. How is CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. doing? LF Bryan De La Cruz? RP Sixto Sanchez?

Miami Marlins Spring Training stats are pretty interesting to look at.

Jazz Chisholm Jr. is having a great Spring Training. He's currently batting .364/.417/.697, with 3 home runs and 8 RBI in 13 games and 33 AB. I'm hoping that he can carry that momentum along with better health to have a big 2024 season. Bryan De La Cruz is currently batting .270/.308/.324, with 0 home runs and 7 RBI in 14 games and 37 AB. I'm not sure what to think about him, but hope that he will do a bit better with his OBP.

Sixto Sanchez has opened up a lot of eyes during this Spring Training. He currently has a 0.00 ERA in 6.0 innings pitched, with 4 strikeouts and 2 walks. It's a small sample size, but it gives a lot of promise and hope to the possibility that he might turn into a lights out reliever. I wouldn't be surprised if he became The Fish's closer at some point.

RF Jesus Sanchez is batting .314/.333/.343, with 0 home runs and 4 RBI in 13 games and 35 AB. I like the batting average, but not the lack of power so far this Spring. 3B Jake Burger is very promising based on last season, but he's currently batting .175/.195/.275 with 1 home run and 3 RBI, in 14 games and 40 AB. I'm going to live by the adage "Spring Training stats don't matter" with this.

SS Tim Anderson, the big Marlins acquisition this off-season is currently batting .194/.194/.323, with a home run and RBI in 11 games and 31 AB. This is disappointing so far, but I'm hoping that he'll turn it back on during the actual season. Hopefully the Miami Marlins put everything together during this upcoming season.

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