Get to know one of the most fun Miami Marlins players

Nick Gordon could become your next favorite player if you get to know him
Nick Gordon
Nick Gordon / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

There haven't been many good Miami Marlins news this season so far. Some off-season mistakes got us here, and we're waiting to see what happens with the managerial situation as well. It seems like a good time to cheer up by having fun getting to know some players. How about fun-loving bench player Nick Gordon? An interesting acquisition by Peter Bendix.

Nick Gordon is a fun new acquisition of the Miami Marlins this season.

Did you know that Nick Gordon was a first round #5 pick in 2014? He's a former top prospect, who sadly hasn't been able to live up to that at the Major League level. Did you know that Gordon is playing music with Jazz Chisholm Jr.? The two are musicians in their spare time and like to make it together!

Here's another fun fact about Nick Gordon: his father is former Major League relief pitcher Tom Gordon. Nick says that he enjoyed growing up with a Major League father and that it inspired him to follow his footsteps as well. He said that Tom told him to "always have fun", which is a quote that Nick lives his life under. It may be another surprising piece of trivia, but Nick actually used to pitch in high school! Yesm pitch! He hasn't pitched for a long time, but still believes that he has the mechanics to do so.

Interestingly, Nick Gordon thinks that being a pitcher before, helps him hit Major League pithing. Unfortunately, this hasn't shown up at the level so far. He may be a late-bloomer however... There's always a chance that Nick could figure things out and do better. He did have a 91.1 Exit Velocity at one point.

Did you know that Nick and Jazz posted a song to Soundcloud?! Or that he thinks that they can have a #1 hit if they collaborate with an artist such as Adele or The Weeknd?! Nick Gordon is pretty ambitious and is having fun doing so. When it comes to his long-term life goals, he reiterates tat he just wants to have fun and to see his son grow.

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