How does Kim Ng feel about these Miami Marlins players?

Kim Ng
Kim Ng / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins just lost a crucial series to the San Diego Padres. As we hope to still make the playoffs, what is the GM thinking? What does Kim Ng think about the players that she has acquired? She can't possibly be happy about some of them, but is almost certainly excited about some others. I'm not going to post her entire quotes, but you can find them right here if you'd like.

Miami Marlins GM Kim Ng has interesting opinions on the players that she acquired.

It shouldn't be a surprise that she's very high on DH Jorge Soler. She didn't want to comment about any contract negotiations, but said that she'd like to retain him. Soler is of course a free agent after the season, unless of course he picks up his $9 million player option for next season. As it turns out, the amount can rise based on plate appearances. I would still be surprised if he didn't decline it to pursue a better deal on the open market.

How about 1B Josh Bell? There's a $16.5 million player option on him for next season. I actually expect this one to be picked up. Bell has batted a disappointing .233/.318/.383 with the Cleveland Guardians to start the season, but is batting .303/.376/.618 with the Miami Marlins. Kim is very high on him and hopes that he stays beyond this season.

How about SP Edward Cabrera? He was recently demoted to AAA, and Kim still has hopes for him going forward. She specifically pointed out his good starts this season. He actually has a 2.31 ERA in AAA since his demotion. Speaking of demoted pitchers, she's very high on Ryan Weathers. Kim thinks that he has a "fantastic arm" and that he will still pitch well at some point. I'm not as optimistic about that.

Finally, what does she have to say about SP Eury Perez? She says that the Miami Marlins will be careful with him, but that she expects good things in the long run. I completely agree with that!

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