Last month's hottest Miami Marlins and other NL East hitters

Top hitters in the division's Minor League teams
James Wood
James Wood / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

The farm system hasn't been a strength for the Miami Marlins for a while. As a result, improving it has been a stated goal for both Peter Bendix and Bruce Sherman. The obvious question is whether or not this will actually happen. As The Fish have already started moves in that direction. How did some of those top hitting prospects do the previous month?

The Miami Marlins farm system had a hot bat in April.

Let's start off with some of The Fish's division rivals... specifically the Philadelphia Phillies. Philly's hottest hitter in April was Gabriel Rincones Jr.. Rincones batted .300/.417/.600 in his first 13 games in AA this season. The #10 Philly prospect may be on his way to jumping up the team's prospect rankings.

How about the Atlanta Braves? SS Nacho Alvarez Jr. is currently their #6 prospect. He was running an OBP above .400 (.402 to be exact) and is hitting well for average in general. Atlanta's farm system is pretty poor, so this is obviously especially important for them going forward. Obviously, it wouldn't be good for the Miami Marlins if their farm improved.

The New York Mets have their #26 prospect OF Nick Morabito, Morabito has had a good April too. The 75'th pick from 2022 is leading the Single A Florida State League in AVG (.397) and OBP (.518). He's also a major threat on the stolen bases. Let's hope that the Mets doesn't improve their lowly farm system either for The Fish's sake.

The Washington Nationals have a good farm, with OF James Wood standing out in April specifically. wood hit .441 in his first nine games in AAA this season. The also batted .326/.434/.484 in April and stole eight bases. Let's also not overlook his 93.9 EV. I'm worried about his eventual call-up this season.

Finally let's get to the Miami Marlins... OF Mark Coley II. The speedy hitter batted 339/.461/.694 in Single A in April. He also hit 3 home runs in 16 games in the beginning of the season. He missed significant time due to bad luck with school issues and the COVID-19 pandemic.

I'm really hoping that Peter Bendix really will improve the Miami Marlins farm system, but faith in his abilities remains questionable.

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