Miami Marlins batting order might have some concerning issues

The Fish need to make sure that the best bats are closer together

Bryan De La Cruz
Bryan De La Cruz / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

Batting orders are crucial in teams getting the most out of their player's abilities, so correctly placing the players is very important. I'm especially focusing on the ttop five spots. CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. is supposedly in the best shape of his career, so that's one positive. The Miami Marlins also have a new and exciting addition to the lineup in SS Tim Anderson. What's the best way to place them in the order?

The Miami Marlins batting order will be crucial in the team making the playoffs.

2B Luis Arraez is almost certainly the lead-off hitter. That makes sense as he is the best pure hitter in the Major Leagues. It's definitely logical to have him bat first, though you can also argue that batting him third would make sense too. The lead-off spot is traditionally for the best contact hitter in the game however, making Arraez the clear top choice for the spot.

It seems that 1B Josh Bell will be batting second. I'm OK with this as he has some good power, though I wonder if he's consistent enough for the spot. Long-term Tim Anderson would be the best option for the spot. Arraez and Anderson can even be flipped, though that depends entirely on Anderson getting back to his pre-2023 form.

LF Bryan De La Cruz is an odd choice for the third spot, where it seems that he might be based on Spring Training lineups. I'm not high on him at all and am worried about him batting in such a crucial spot. It should definitely be Bell or 3B Jake Burger there. Speaking of Burger, he might be batting fifth, which I see as too low for him. He should be flipped with Burger.

Jazz Chisholm Jr. is expected to bat clean-up, which is better than having him bat lead-off as he used to in the past. He's not a contact hitter, but has good power and should be right at home in the middle of the lineup. My preferred top five is Luis Arraez at lead-off, Tim Anderson at second, Jazz Chisholm Jr. at third, Jake Burger at clean-up and Josh Bell at fifth. Maybe put Bell at second and rotate players in the fifth spot, if Anderson isn't hitting.

The most important thing is that the Miami Marlins have an effective top and middle of the batting order.

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