Miami Marlins division rival farms are concerning Part 1

How are division rival top prospects affect The Fish?
James Wood
James Wood / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

The new updated MLB top 100 prospects list came out on last week. I thought it made sense to take a look at how other teams' farms are doing. The Fish are currently busy selling off the team early
. This is going on, while the team's farm system seems to not be ideal, to say the least.

Miami Marlins division rival farm systems part 1.

Let's start with thre Washington Nationals. They're doing better than expected this season, and might even flirt with .500 all season. Did anyone really expect them to have a better record than the Miami Marlins at all this season? Well, turning over to Washington's farm, is there anyone better than their top two prospects?

Washington's top two prospects happen to be #5 and #7 on the top 100. That's impressive to say the least. I'm of course talking about OF James Wood and OF Dylan Crews. The two should compete for the starting spot in CF, with the loser ending up in the corner OF. Both are projected to be stars, so this is alarming for The Fish. Anything can happen and prospects are prospects, but it's best to probably just assume the worst.

At #38 on the top 100 is Washington's 3B Brady House. House might debut next season and be their answer at third long-term. 1B/3B Yohandy Morales is at #91, but is likely years away.

Luckily, the Atlanta Braves don't have that great of a farm and only have two prospects on the top 100. #59 is their SP AJ Smith-Shawver and #75 is RHP Hurston Waldrep. Waldrep is more of a relief pitcher long-term, so I'm not as worried about him. Smith-Shawver could potentially end up in Atlanta's rotation, but I just don't see him becoming more than a mid-rotation starter. Time will of course tell if I'm right about that.

The Washington Nationals have a better farm than the Atlanta Braves and will probably be a better team going forward. Of course that is in fact more long-term, Atlanta still has a great core for the time being. At #90 is LHP Thomas White.

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