Miami Marlins had surprising Trade Deadline targets

Justin Turner
Justin Turner / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins had a pretty busy Trade Deadline, acquiring new middle of the order bats and other power hitters. The Fish were also after a previous target in free agency as well. In fact there were quite a few players that The Fish were targeting. Who were those targets? Why weren't they acquired? Who was gfoing to be traded for them??

The Miami Marlins pursued other players at the Trade Deadline as well.

Is it any surprise that the Miami Marlins pursued Boston Red Sox designated hitter Justin Turner? Turner is having a great season batting .287/.356/.479, with 17 home runs and 71 RBI. Kim Ng didn't give up on her free agent target. Of course with Boston seeing themselves as buyers, Turner was not available for trade.

The Fish were looking for starting pitching at the time, one target was the Chicago White Sox' Lance Lynn. Lynn had a 6.47 ERA/5.20 FIP, in 21 games and 119.2 innings pitched. I'm not sure why he was targeted by anyone to be honest, as even now with the Los Angeles Dodgers he has a 5.96 FIP. Ultimately, he of course went to LA as Kim Ng couldn't work out a deal with Chicago.

Yet another target for the Miami Marlins was then Colorado Rockies first baseman C.J. Cron. Cron is currently hitting .253/.302/.446, and is certainly not as good as Josh Bell. The Fish of course acquired Bell instead, which was a much better move for the team. It appears that Kim Ng considered both Cron and Bell, but ultimately went with the better player, once an acceptable trade was worked out.

So who would the Miami Marlins have traded in some of those deals? Well... it appears that Edward Cabrera was very likely going to be part of the return. He was recently demoted to the Minor Leagues for his poor performance this season. I'm not against trading Cabrera, but I would want a more long-term return for them. Justin Turner is the only one in that group of unacquired targets that I wish Kim acquired, but I can certainly understand why she couldn't.

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