Miami Marlins Minor Leaguer did something remarkable

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The Miami Marlins farm system is no longer as good as it was just a few years ago. You can see who the top 30 prospects are, and ironically it's the thirtieth one that is the subject of this article. Who is it? It's none other then single A SS Ian Lewis. What if I told you that he did something that only one other player did since 1901?! Ready to find out?

Miami Marlins prospect Ian Lewis made history recently.

Rickey Henderson is considered by many to be the greatest lead-off hitter of all time. He was the only other player to do this since 1901. By the way he did it in 1989. Now you're probably thinking what am I talking about? What did Ian Lewis do? In fact, Ian Lewis's accomplishment may even be more impressive.

Ian Lewis received a single walk, during the game between the Jupiter Hammerheads and the St. Lucie Mets. Jupiter won this game 4-3 by the way. Rickey Henderson in comparison was walked four times when he did this so far mysterious thing. Ian Lewis, who is 20 years old and might see himself rise up the Minor League rankings, stole an incredible five bases!

In the third inning Lewis got on base due to a fielding error, and stole second base during Kemp Alderman's at-bat. In the fifth inning, Lewis got on base via yet another error, and once again followed that up by stealing yet another base. Bad fielding by the St. Lucie Mets, led to Lewis getting two more steals. Talk about a wild game!

Things got wilder in the seventh inning, when Ian Lewis was walked. He stole yet another base, for a historic total of five in one game...without getting a single hit to get on base. He reached base through fielding errors and a walk. That just doesn't happen at all. It only happened three times! It only happened in 1901, 1989 and in 2023. Of course, you can argue that Ian Lewis's accomplishment happened in the Minor Leagues, but you know what, we'll count it!

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