Top 30 Miami Marlins prospects

Noble Meyer
Noble Meyer / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

I recently talked about the top 100 prospects in MLB, and it was sad to see that the Miami Marlins only had one prospect on the list. That was largely in part due to this year's draft of course. Who are The Fish's top 30 prospects however? Is there hope for the farm to end up being better than it currently looks? has the answer.

The Miami Marlins have an interesting top 30 prospects list.

The list starts with no surprise, as RHP Noble Meyer is #1. Meyer will hopefully live up to the hype. He's at Rookie level and his ETA is 2026. LHP Thomas White is at #2. He's at Rookie ball as well, and his ETA is 2027. Some hope for these two 18 year old arms going forward. At #3 is RHP Max Meyer. Will he be a starting pitcher or a closer in the future? The 24 year old will hopefully return to the Major League mound next season.

The #4 Miami Marlins prospect is 24 year old 2B/OF Xavier Edwards. He's in AAA and might join the Major League team this season. At #5 is 22 year old 1B/3B Jacob Berry, who is in AA and likely won't be seen until 2025. #6 is 24 year old SS Jacob Amaya. He's in AAA and is expected to be back up to the Majors this season. #7 is 21 year old AA OF Victor Mesa Jr., who we'll get a look at next season presumably. I am excited to see him. #8 and #9 is a pair of 20 year olds: A+ 2B/SS Yiddi Cappe (ETA 2025), and A OF Kemp Alderman (ETA 2026).

#10 is 21 year old A 1B Brock Vradenburg. We should see him in 2026, and hopefully he'll rise up the list. #11 is 21 year old AA LHP Dax Fulton. He hasn't live dup to his potential so far, but can be up next season. #12 is 19 year old A+ RHP Karson Milbrandt (ETA 2026). #13 is 20 year old A RHP Jacob Miller (ETA 2026). #14 is Dane Myers, who is surprisingly low. #15 is 17 year old SS Fabian Lopez (ETA 2028). The rest that you can see on is largely uneventful. The interesting thing is just how many of the prospects are far away from the Majors.

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