Miami Marlins notes: historic division rivals, loanDepot Park...

Bryce Harper
Bryce Harper / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins have been playing better lately, though the playoffs are still a long shot. Some players have uncertain futures at the Trade Deadline and others are waiting to turn things around. In the meantime, there are some news on the team's division rivals and there are some other intriguing news...

Some news and notes on the Miami Marlins and the team's division rivals.

The Philadelphia Phillies are on a historic run. Last week they went 29-6 over 35 games. The last time this happened was in 1892. Philly is beginning to run away with the division, thanks to the likes of Bryce Harper and others. I predicted that they'd be better than perhaps expected, and that they'd give the Atlanta Braves a run for their money for the division. At this point, I fully expect them to win the division.

This is not good news for the Miami Marlins, but the season hasn't been going well anyway. I'm still holding out hope that the latest hot streak is going to provide some chance at a Wild Card, but we'll see of course.

In other news, the World Baseball Classic will once again be taking place in loanDepot Park in Miami in 2026. This will surely make more money for the Miami Marlins, as well as bring more fans to the stands outside of the actual MLB season. The previous World Baseball Classic took place in 2023 (also in loanDepot Park) and was fun to watch. Team USA made a good run and Team Japan won the whole thing.

I'm definitely excited for the 2026 edition in Miami and am personally surely going to attend some of the games. To be more clear, the entire tournament won't be in Miami. Only Pool D, one half of the Quarterfinals and the Championship Round. Pool C will be played in Tokyo; Pool B in Houston and Pool A in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The other half of the Quarterfinals will take place in Houston as well.

In short, The Philadelphia Phillies are having a better season than the Miami Marlins, but it was expected. The World Baseball Classic is coming back to Miami and this will hopefully continue to raise the game's profile in Miami.

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