Miami Marlins notes: new player; Jake Burger

Some news on the struggling Fish as we wait for better news
Jake Burger
Jake Burger / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

This is not a good time for us Miami Marlins fans. The Fish are currently busy shifting around arms as the problems and injuries keep piling up. The team recently added a new player and some interesting trivia on the team's bright spot this season: 3B Jake Burger.

Get to know more about Miami Marlins star Jake Burger among other news.

Did you know that Jake Burger grew up a St. Louis Cardinals fan? OK OK that's not great news, but it was fun to see him hit a home run barrage against them recently in their ballpark. He was such a big Cardinals fan, that he used to attend 9 to 10 games a year!

Burger also said this:

“Probably just the atmosphere. It's such a great baseball city and their fans are unbelievable. Growing up with so many of them, it's diehard. I would say also just my grandpa being able to be there and watch me live for the first time.”

It's great to know that he's having fun and enjoying himself. I hope that his goal is an eventual extension with The Fish, rather than playing for St. Loui at some later date. He's a great ray of optimism in a time when there's little sunshine loanDepot Park (well at least when they don't open the stadium and affect the play).

How about Otto Lopez? The Fish added the infielder, by claiming him off of waivers from the San Francisco Giants. Lopez is a versatile speedster who can play in each of the OF positions and multiple IF spots as well. He hasn't shown much power so far, but he's great at avoiding strikeouts and had some good contact in the Minors. The question is whether the 25-year old could provide some unexpected help to the Marlins.

Peter Bendix likes versatile hitters, so ideally that's exactly what Otto Lopez becomes for the Miami Marlins. Time will tell and he's young enough, where there might just be something with him at some point. It's always good to build up the team's depth and that's what this does.

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