Miami Marlins outright power hitter

Jerar Encarnacion
Jerar Encarnacion / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Miami Marlins outrighted OF Jerar Encarnacion from the team's 40 man roster. The Fish are working hard to make the playoffs and are likely still working on the Trade Deadline strategy. Perhaps as part of doing so, the team outrighted Jerar. He was apparently quietly waived a few days ago, but wasn't claimed by anyone. Is his time on the team over now? Will The Fish miss him?

Jerar Encarnacion is off of the Miami Marlins 40-man roster.

Jerar Encarnacion is a 25 year old right-handed OF, who only had a "cup of coffee" on the Miami Marlins so far. He debuted in 2022 as a 24 year old, and batted .182/.210/.338, with 3 home runs and 14 RBI in 23 games and 77 AB. This was....not good as you can see. He was worth -0.1 WAR, but a good 0.1 dWAR. This means that he was solid and even good defensively in the short sample size, but obviously not worth keeping on the main roster otherwise.

Jerar's best performance in the Minor Leagues came in 2022, between the AA and AAA levels. He batted .294/.363/.505, with 22 home runs and 58 RBI in 99 games and 384 AB. This season, he is batting .211/.324/.438, with 19 home runs and 52 RBI in 83 games and 308 AB in AAA. This is obviously a very discouraging drop-off for a once promising power hitter. Perhaps the biggest issue is his huge strikeout rate. He has 65 hits and 144 strikeouts in AAA this season.

The Miami Marlins didn't see the need to call Jerar up this season, as if he was striking out so much in the Minor Leagues, he surely wasn't going to do much better against Major League hitting. He had a good 90.5 Exit Velocity during his brief call-up last season, but it was clear that his power is off-set by his inability to make consistent contact and put the ball in play. It appears that he will have to work on his mechanics with a different team, or not expect a Major League call-up anytime soon. It makes sense to do.

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