Miami Marlins pitcher is being recognized for his achievements

Max Meyer is getting some love from
Max Meyer
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Who in the Miami Marlins fanbase isn't upset over Max Meyer's recent demotion to the Minor Leagues? It's just bad news on top of other less preventable bad news. At least sees things a little bit differently and is actually rewarding the burgeoning ace. He's being acknowledged as one of the best-performing rookies this season.

Miami Marlins starting pitcher Max Meyer is getting recognition for a great start to the season. reminds us that Max Meyer was the third overall pick of the 2020 draft. He's back from Tommy John surgery and points out just how good he's been. They point out that he gave up only four runs in 17 innings and in three starts.

Meyer actually has a 2.12 ERA/3.84 FIP, with 7.4 K/9 and 1.6 BB/9 in those 3 games and 17 innings pitched. An interesting statistic that points out is that he has a 36.9% whiff rate. This actually puts him fourth among the 134 qualified pitchers. This is really promising to see, and is why Meyer was suddenly back on the radar as fulfilling his old promise of being an ace.

Max Meyer being recently demoted back down to AAA of course changed everything yet again. I talked about it at length already and should probably not cover this again. It just doesn't make sense to me how his innings are better managed in the Minor Leagues. Is it really difficult to have a 6-man rotation or just give him shorter outings? Would skipping a start be that difficult? did mention some other players ahead of Meyer. I don't fully agree with them but I could be biased. Baltimore Orioles 2B Jordan Westburg, Oakland Athletics CP Mason Miller, Texas Rangers LF Evan Carter, San Diego Padres CF Jackson Merrill, Chicago Cubs SP Shota Imanaga, Chicago Cubs 1B Michael Busch are all ahead.

I don't understand how any of those players are better than Max Meyer at the moment. That said, the Miami Marlins need to rethink things and promote the young stud back as soon as possible.

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