Miami Marlins prospect is getting a lot of hype and his demotion is controversial

Dane Myers has been getting a lot of hype lately, the question is does he deserve it?
Dane Myers
Dane Myers / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins are getting ready for the season and so far we've had a few disappointing news. One of them has been the demotion of Dane Myers back to the Minor Leagues. It did not receive a good reaction from Marlins X, let's take a look at what can be expected from Dane Myers when he's inevitably called up.

Miami Marlins CF Dane Myers is a bit of a question mark going into this season.

Dane Myers broke out last season with a .316/.406/.489 batting line in 100 games and 372 AB in the Minor Leagues. That was a pretty big improvement on his .267/.315/.489 from 2022 and he earned himself a promotion to the Major Leagues. After his call-up last season, he batted .269/.286/.358 in 22 games and 67 AB, with a home run and 9 RBI.

He batted an astounding .412/.474/.735 in Spring Training so far. It seems like he certainly earned the right to make the Major League roster. It doesn't really make much sense to say that he should be going back to the Minors, but a question does come to he for real?

Dane Myers seems like a prototypical late-bloomer, considering he is already 28 years old. Was his production in 2023 legit? Myers had a .354 BABIP, which is a bit inflated to say the least. It's actually a bit of a concern, as it implies that he should have had a slightly worse batting line.

Myers' Exit Velocity had been a very impressive 91.8, so him having power is definitely not a fluke. We can continue looking under the "proverbial hood". We then find out that his WRC+ for last year was a surprisingly lowly 71. This means that despite his nice looking batting line, his offensive contributions were below average.

It's hard to really gauge just how good Dane Myers really is. He's a very late bloomer who wasn't that good offensively last season at the end of the day, but who has a good Exit Velocity and has been producing really well in Spring Training this season. He should just get called up and given a full season of work.

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