Miami Marlins sign a pitcher from St. Louis..

Johan Quezada
Johan Quezada / Benjamin Rusnak/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins signed a right-handed pitcher. As you look into some interesting predictions from and check out how the team is doing in arbitration cases, let's look at the latest signing. This relief pitcher is from the St. Louis Cardinals, but no it's not who you might want, it's Johan Quezada. Quezada is actually pretty interesting to look at, and offers The Fish some untapped potential. Let's take a look...

The Miami Marlins signed Johan Quezada for pitching depth.

Johan Quezada doesn't have much of a history in the Major Leagues. He actually only played back in 2020 with the Miami Marlins, when he pitched in 3 games and 3.0 innings. He delivered a 9.00 ERA/7.19 FIP with 6.0 K/9 and 3.0 BB/9. Um what? That certainly doesn't sound like the resume of a good relief pitcher that can move the needle for The Fish. He did have a 97 MPH fastball, which is probably the main reason why he was so intriguing to multiple teams.

After the 2020 season, the Miami Marlins put him on waivers and the Philadelphia Phillies claimed him, apparently deciding to see if he can break-out with them instead. He never pitched for them in the Major Leagues as he was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals shortly after. He stayed in the St. Louis organization since then but never pitched in the Majors and barely pitched in the Minors due to injuries.

Is there anything about Johan Quezada that actually stands out as promising? Well, there's his previously mentioned fastball velocity, there's the fact that he's only 28 years old and that he's under control through 2028. If he actually manages to put something together he's going to be able to be kept for quite some time.

Is this a good move for the Miami Marlins? It's a solid depth move but not much else. I think that the team needs to focus on the bullpen and sign better relief pitchers that are out there. Andrew Chafin is one such relief pitcher. If there is a playoff run in the cards for The Fish, this area of the team cannot be ignored.

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