Miami Marlins starting pitcher has an uncertain future

Is Roddery Munoz still a future rotation cog for The Fish?
Roddery Munoz
Roddery Munoz / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Say what you want about Peter Bendix, but he got at least one thing right. Roddery Munoz has been quite the find for the Miami Marlins. He was great in his last start, though he wasn't as good on Tuesday. You now have to wonder what his future holds. Is he still a potential future top of the rotation arm? Does he have a future in the rotation? Update: He's been demoted to the Minors for now.

Roddery Munoz's future with the Miami Marlins is a work in progress.

Let's get something out of the way, we're talking about a VERY small sample size. We're talking about just three starts and if you think that we need more to fully know what we have're most likely right. That said, with all of the bad news and trades going on, we can at least hope for something positive.

Roddery Munoz seems to have come out of nowhere. The 24 year old righty was acquired from the Pittsburgh Pirates for cash. This was the type of Tampa Bay Rays like acquisition that Bendix was surely brought in to make. The question is just how good is Munoz really?

Roddery Munoz has a 5.17 ERA/7.04 FIP/3.66 xFIP in 3 games and 15.2 innings pitched this season. Right off the bat, you can see that the ERA and FIP are pretty bad. The xFIP however is very promising. xFIP does not count home runs against the pitcher, which in turn makes his last start look a lot better. You be the judge if that's fair to say.

Munoz has an impressive 10.91 K/9 with a bloated 4.02 BB/9. The control clearly needs some help, but the strikeouts are there. He has a 95.8 mph fastball, so he definitely knows how to intimidate hitters. The question is if he can just avoid walks and home runs a bit more.

I like Roddery Munoz's potential. He looks like a potential mid-rotation starter for me, with a possibility of even being better than that if everything goes right for him. He needs to get more starts, which is definitely doable in this already lost season

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