Miami Marlins fans don't know whether to trust Peter Bendix

Can The Fish's fans trust the PBO the way the season is going?
Peter Bendix
Peter Bendix / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Winning matters. It matters so much in fact, that at the end of the day it's results that stick in people's minds. Kim Ng was not a good GM for the Miami Marlins, the farm system crashed under her from the top 5 to the bottom of the rankings. She made terrible signings, but The Fish made the playoffs for the first time since 2020 last year, and for the first time in a normal season since 2003.

Can the Miami Marlins fans trust Peter Bendix to turn things around?

Bruce Sherman brought Peter Bendix in to fix the farm system. It's been clear since the moment that he was announced as the new President of Baseball Operations, and Kim Ng subsequently quit upon her demotion. Sherman wants to focus on the farm, because he doesn't seem to want high payrolls. Which means playing the Tampa Bay Rays way. Bendix was interviewed recently, but seems to have really said nothing and just gave long-winded meaningless answers.

The Miami Marlins are currently in last place in the NL East. There doesn't seem to be a realistic path to the playoffs at this point. This is under Peter Bendix's watch, so naturally he's the one blamed for this poor start, or even technically failure of a season. It's not all his fault of course, bad luck and bullpen volatility played a part. Bullpens are notoriously volatile and The Fish's has been surprisingly bad. So bad in fact, that it may be the main reason for the team basically not being able to make the playoffs at this point.

Surprisingly bad performances from some hitters and pitching injuries did not help matters either. It is however on Bendix that he didn't improve the bullpen or upgrade at DH. No improvement was made at catcher and it seems that for a lot of positions, it was just assumed that the current players were enough.

It would be silly to just blame everything on Bendix of course. With better health and projected hitting, that's probably as much as 5-7 extra wins right there. The Miami Marlins would still not really be a playoff team, but things would be a bit better. I don't see judging Peter Bendix now as too fair, I want to give him a full year and see how things look next season. That said, he's on thin ice in my book.

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