Miami Marlins starting pitcher injury notes: Cabrera, Garrett, Eury

Marlins starting pitchers could be back very soon
Braxton Garrett
Braxton Garrett / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

This was an off-season with quite a few injuries for the Miami Marlins. Injuries that took out basically the entire rotation! It's obviously as bad as you can get. The advantage is that there's quite a bit of promising pitching depth on the team. There's luckily some positive news on the injured pitchers.

Updates on injured Miami Marlins starting pitchers are pretty positive.

I'm of course talking about the trio of Braxton Garrett, Eury Perez and Edward Cabrera. Eury was expected to be the team's co-ace this season, after producing a 3.15 ERA in 19 games and 91.1 innings pitched. He's been having some elbow issues which shut him down to start the season. It appears that he is expected to be back in early May, as his diagnosis is mild right elbow inflammation.

I'm hoping that Eury will be back as expected, though with elbows you sadly don't always know. He's supposed to be on an innings limit, so this might not be the worst as long as he's actually healthy and productive. Braxton Garrett is coming back from left shoulder soreness. He's supposed to be back in mid to late April. It seems like he's mostly fine now and it's just a matter of him building himself up for his season debut. I'm optimistic about that, as he can be a very good mid-rotation or even (wishful thinking) top of the rotation arm.

Finally we get Edward Cabrera. He's somewhat of a question mark for me. He has elite strikeout rates and largely below average walk rates. Control of his pitches is what stands in the way of him becoming a mid-rotation or higher arm, or being a spot starter/bottom of the rotation arm. He has a right shoulder impingement and is supposed to be back by mid-April, which is very very promising.

Cabrera actually missed time last season with the same injury and it took him a month to return. It look like he's basically taking the same amount of time to recover this time. It does look promising, that all three injured starting pitchers are projected to return well before the All-Star break.

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