The surprising area that the Miami Marlins have an advantage in

The Miami Marlins starting pitching depth compares nicely to the rest of the division

Max Meyer
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Starting pitching depth used to be a strength for the Miami Marlins. That is until all of the injuries started taking place. This made it seem that the team's depth is at its limit, if not in need of upgrades. The list of injured starters seems like an entire rotation of its own... 2022 NL Cy Young winner Sandy Alcantara, former elite top prospect and future ace Eury Perez, breakout pitcher Braxton Garrett, strikeout specialist Edward Cabrera are all injured. There's some optimistic news though...

The Miami Marlins have one of the best starting pitching depths in the game.

Jesus Luzardo is already set to take the ball on Opening Day. I'm staying optimistic on Trevor Rogers and Max Meyer is a former elite prospect, who is coming off of an impressive 0.00 ERA in 3 games and 7.0 innings pitched in Spring Training. Ryan Weathers might finally be living up to his old hype. He has a quietly impressive 3.00 ERA/2.96 FIP, in 5 games and 18.0 innings pitched.

Luzardo, Weathers, Rogers, Meyer and A.J. Puk will comprise The Fish's rotation to start the season. How does all of this starting pitching depth look compared to the rest of the division though? Assuming Eury Perez, Braxton Garrett and Edward Cabrera all pitch this season. I used fWAR projections to see the combined numbers for different pitching staffs.

The Atlanta Braves have a 16.5 total fWAR projection for their starting pitching; the Philadelphia Phillies are slightly lower at 15.5 fWAR. The Miami Marlins? 15.7. The New York Mets? Just 9.7 fWAR. Finally, how about the Washington Nationals? A horrific 6.5 fWAR. Yes, it's looking that bad for their starting pitching depth this season. By the way, Fangraphs does include time missed with injuries into their WAR calculations. Think about how it would look for The Fish with everyone healthy AND Sandy Alcantara back on the team.

It's just fWAR and anyone can just play around with statistics. That said, there's definitely some facts in this little study. The Miami Marlins still have good starting pitching depth and it can pay off big time this season.

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