Miami Marlins win first series of the season! Some takeaways...

Jesus Luzardo
Jesus Luzardo / Eric Espada/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins have just won the first series of the season! There were some issues and also some historic moments as well. The most important part is that The Fish are now 3-4 and while it's still below .500, the team is now on a 2 game winning streak. So what can we take away from this series? Will things get better in a rematch series against the New York Mets coming up? Let's begin the analyzing!

The Miami Marlins won the first series this season!

The series started off pretty poorly for the Miami Marlins, with an 11-1 loss to the Minnesota Twins on Monday. The culprit was starting pitcher Johnny Cueto, who gave up 4 runs and 3 hits and a walk in just one inning. He ended up going on the injured list after the game. I've been very disappointed with Johnny Cueto since his terrible performance in Spring Training, and now I'm even more down on him for this season. Lucklily, The Fish have enough depth where his absence and poor performance can be covered.

Game 2 took place on Tuesday and saw the Miami Marlins tie up the home series with a 1-0 win. The hero for The Fish was the reigning NL Cy Young award winner Sandy Alcantara. Sandy went the entire 9 innings and gave up just 3 runs and a walk, while adding 5 strikeouts in a very dominant performance. Sandy proved that when the Miami Marlins need help, Sandy is the one to save the day.

Game 3 happened today and saw the Miami Marlins win 5-2. The star was #2 starting pitcher Jesus Luzardo. Luzardo delivered an excellent performance in his 7 innings, giving up only a run and 5 hits, while producing 10 strikeouts. Luzardo is making a name for himself as an elite starting pitcher, who may one day be a NL Cy Young award contender himself. DH Jorge Soler had his best performance on the team, by hitting 2 home runs to help seal the big series win. Things will hopefully continue with this momentum for the Miami Marlins.

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