My All-Star Game Ballot. Which Miami Marlins are on it?

Jorge Soler
Jorge Soler / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The All-Star Game is coming up, and there are some Miami Marlins players who deserve to get votes. The Fish should also take next month's All-Star break to work on some extensions. Did you vote yet? You can see all of the candidates and their profiles at the link by the way. I decided to share my ballot and explain my picks...

The All-Star Game is coming up and some Miami Marlins players deserve to play in it.

Let's get the American League out of the way first. You can choose one for each position so let's start with starting pitcher. The obvious pick for me is Gerrit Cole of the New York Yankees. He has the highest WAR among AL SP's with 2.2. At catcher I went with the Texas Rangers' Jonah Heim, who leads AL catchers with 1.4 WAR. My 1B pick is Cole's teammate Anthony Rizzo. He's the top AL 1B with 1.7 WAR.76/.505 batting line.

For 2B, I went with Heim's teammate Marcus Semien, who leads AL second basemen with 3.0 WAR. For SS, I went with AL SS WAR leader Wander Franco of the Tampa Bay Rays (3.5 WAR). For 3B, I may have cheated a bit... I just went with Texas's Josh Jung because he's on one of my fantasy teams. Jung is batting .295/.341/.531 in a breakout season. The OF is obvious: Aaron Judge (NYY), Randy Arozarena (TBR) and Mike Trout (LAA). The reigning AL MVP, Trout and a top WAR producer. For DH I went with Anaheim's Shohei Ohtani.

Let's look at the NL now. For SP I went with Sandy Alcantara even though the reigning NL Cy Young isn't doing so well. It's Sandy, and I'm going with him! The best catcher in the game has been Atlanta's Sean Murphy. He's batting .286/.398/.553 with 2.1 WAR. Who else really? For 1B I went with St. Louis's Paul Goldschmidt. Goldy has a .289/.393/.512 batting line, but I can understand picking LA's Freddie Freeman who has a higher WAR.

At second base, I went with our own Luis Arraez. Arraez is the favorite for the NL batting title with a .382/.437/.466 batting line. At SS you can just throw a dart, as no one stands out for me. I went with Chicago's Dansby Swanson. For third base I wasn't convinced by anyone standing out either, so I went with LA's Max Muncy. Muncy already has 17 home runs for the season. Can't really go wrong with that. The OF has quite a few Miami Marlins players. I went with breakout LF Bryan De La Cruz. Despite his struggles, his teammate CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. was my next pick. Finally, I went with Atlanta's RF Ronald Acuna Jr. Acuna has 3.0 WAR so I had to pick him.

What about DH? Has to be our own Jorge Soler. He has a .249/.333/.546 batting line with an impressive 17 home runs already. My picks have some personal preferences, but I tried to pick the most deserving players.

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