Surprising facts about Miami Marlins PBO Peter Bendix, his connection with LeBron?!

For example, guess who Peter would want to be fo a day? Hint is the picture...
LeBron James
LeBron James / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

We were excited when then Tampa Bay Rays GM Peter Bendix moved on to the Miami Marlins, as the new PBO. He was brought in to help The Fish's Minor League system. It's interesting to learn more about him and the new interview on does not disappoint! Are you ready to learn more about the new Fish President of Baseball Operations?!

Miami Marlins PBO Peter Bendix has a connection to arguably the greatest basketball player.

Peter Bendix played on a high school basketball team, that played in the same tournament as LeBron James's high school basketball team. Bendix didn't personally play against LeBron, but he does acknowledge that connection, which is pretty important to him. He also said that if he could be anyone for a day, it would be.... you guessed it LeBron James. As a reminder, LeBron won two championships with the Miami Heat in 2012 and 2013.

Bendix also humbly admits that he wasn't particularly good at sports, and a professional career was not in the cards for him. He has a connection with another famous athlete... Travis Kelce of the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs. He actually grew up in a house just down the street from him and his brother Jason. He even walked to school with Jason in first grade!

What's Peter Bendix's favorite city? Sadly, it's not Miami. It's actually London. Bendix lived there for a year while he was in college. He also became a fan of the English Premier League, supporting Charlton Athletic. They're not very good if you're wondering who they are. Bendix said that he likes supporting underdogs, which offers us a glimpse into his personality and how he thinks.

What's Peter Bendix's favorite lifetime memory? It's not related to sports, but actually his personal life unsurprisingly. What was it? It was his first date with his now wife Lauren at the Iberian Rooster restaurant in St. Petersburg, FL. He met her online and was meeting her there for drinks. It's nice to know that he loves his wife and that meeting her is his favorite memory of all time.

Peter Bendix sounds very humble and his support of underdogs is definitely something that will come in handy as he improves the Miami Marlins.

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