The Miami Marlins should not do this with Jorge Soler...

Jorge Soler
Jorge Soler / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Jorge Soler was not a good signing for the Miami Marlins. We all know that. I have hope that he will rebound in 2023 in order to avoid taking a pay cut with his player option. In case you didn't know, he is making $15 million this season, but has a player option for $9 million for next season. It's hard to see him making more than that annually, but a big year can put him at $10-13 million a year. There's an issue though...

The Miami Marlins need to avoid having Jorge Soler play in the field.

As the Miami Marlins are planning out the lineup for 2023, one thing is clear...Jorge Soler is pretty important in the team's plans. He's set to bat second (based on where he bats during Spring Training). He also has been playing suspiciously a lot in LF. That's very concerning to me, as the general consensus had been that he would be the team's designated hitter. Soler is an absolutely terrible defender... he has an astonishingly bad -8.7 dWAR for his career.

Do you want to know how bad that dWAR is? If he had a 0.0 dWAR every season, his career WAR would go from 4.0 to 12.7. In fact, his average WAR per season would change from 0.4 WAR to 1.4! In fact, in his best season in 2019, when he batted .265/.354/.569 with 48 home runs and 117 RBI, he was worth just 3.5 WAR. He had a -1.8 dWAR that season. Had he had a 0.0 dWAR that season instead then he could very well have been worth 5.3 WAR! These are not exact calculations, but his value improves dramatically if he doesn't have to play in the field.

Considering how many questionable defensive changes the Miami Marlins are making, it makes sense to not make the defense worse with moves such as playing Jorge Soler in LF. Why can't he be the permanent DH? It would keep him healthier (he's pretty injury-prone) and keep him from costing the Miami Marlins runs with his terrible defense. Jorge Soler is simply a liability in the field.

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