Miami Marlins Rumors: Martin Prado Becoming Available?


Going into last week, the Miami Marlins were insistent that not only was third baseman Martin Prado not available for trade, but that he was a part of the team’s core for the 2015 season. 

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How a week changes things. The Marlins have gone from making Prado unavailable for a trade to opening up their minds to a Prado deal, according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post. Though, as we’ve noted before, it would certainly take a lot for the team to want to move him.

Prado’s market value will be 100% dependent on Ben Zobrist. He’s currently the best infielder/utility player on the trade market. Once he’s dealt, the teams that miss out on him could come running to the Miami Marlins to try to match up on a Martin Prado deal.

The Royals have been said to be interested in Prado for a while now, as they also have a struggling second baseman, in former Marlin Omar Infante. Despite nearly making the All-Star game this season, Infante owns a 47 wRC+, well below replacement level. Prado would also provide a huge boost for a team that seems to be going for it, acquiring Johnny Cueto a few days ago.

In the middle of writing this piece, the Royals acquired Zobrist, taking them out of the Prado market, and placing the two New York teams in the center.

Martin Prado spent the second half of 2014 with the New York Yankees, before he was traded to Miami this past off-season, along with David Phelps, for Nathan Eovaldi, Garrett Jones, and prospect Domingo German. The Yanks certainly know what Prado provides and what kind of influence he provides in the clubhouse.

Plus, with the lack of production from Stephen Drew at second base this season, Prado would provide a huge boost for the Yanks offense.

The Mets are an interesting match here, as they recently traded for Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe. With David Wright due back soon, Prado’s role on the Mets would be a lot less certain than with the Yanks or Royals. Though they are in heavy pursuit of Ben Zobrist, so they must see a spot they could play either Prado or Zobrist if they are willing to trade prospects for either.

With Prado’s versatility, other teams beyond the Yankees, Royals, and Mets could be interested in his services. Once Ben Zobrist is traded, which could be very soon, the market for Prado will become clearer.

Once an established market for Prado is set, then we’ll find out what the Miami Marlins can get for his services. If a deal makes sense, the Marlins will be likely to jump on it and improve the future of the team. If nothing makes sense, expect Prado to be donning a Marlins uniform in 2016.

With the Mat Latos market heating, the Marlins fielding calls on Marcell Ozuna, and Martin Prado possibly being available, this trade deadline just got very exciting for the Miami Marlins.

Let’s see how it plays out.

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