3 NL East issues that can benefit the Miami Marlins in 2024

The Miami Marlins have some advantages going into the season

Chris Sale
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The Atlanta Braves have a strong team, with arguably the best offense in the Majors. The rotation is a different story though... Spencer Strider is a solid ace, despite not having impressive ERA's in two of his three seasons. The rest is one big question mark. Max Fried only pitched in 14 games last season. His health was an issue, will he be fully healthy in his walk year? He probably will, but his inning count will surely be a factor in the upcoming season.

Even if you expect Fried to be back to his workhorse ace self, what can reasonably be expected from the rest? Charlie Morton is 40 years old and at some point aging is going to hit him. In fact, it could very well happen during the 2024 season. It's just rare to find 40 year old pitchers, who can still put up front of the rotation production. Chris Sale is an even bigger question mark. He hasn't pitched even close to a full season since 2019 due to injuries. He had a 4.30 ERA/3.80 FIP last season.

Bryce Elder is a back of the rotation arm and so is his surprising competition in Reynaldo Lopez. I don't see this rotation as that great at the end of the day. Spencer Strider is great, but his ERA doesn't always live up to his talent. Max Fried is coming off an almost completely missed year, and the rest are just question marks due to health or bottom of the rotation arms.