Detroit Tigers shockingly insult Marlins fans in their stadium

Teams insulting each other is not the best thing for the game
Spencer Torkelson
Spencer Torkelson / Duane Burleson/GettyImages

It's been a busy week for the Miami Marlins and the fans. As the dreadful season continues to unfold, trade scenarios keep being brought up, as the fans are wondering whether Peter Bendix can be trusted in his PBO role. with all of this going on, the Detroit Tigers "fired shots" at The Fish's fanbase, during Detroit's 6-5 home win on Monday.

Detroit decided to make fun of Miami Marlins fans in their stadium Comerica Park.

It's tough being a Miami Marlins fan. The team may have won two World Series, but playoff appearances have been few and far between, and The Fish have never won the division. The fans have been frustrated with constant sell-offs, rebuilds and poor performances. This season has been front and center with all of this. Attendance has never been particularly strong for the team and this is why.

It's also important to point out, that The Fish have only been around since 1993. That's relatively recent by Major League standards. It's not uncommon for teams to have started playing in the nineteenth century! In fact, the Detroit Tigers played their first season in 1901. This makes them significantly older and gives them a longer time to build up a loyal fanbase.

There are many transplants living in Florida, so there's enough fans who remain loyal to the team from their original city. There are also those who support teams of their transplant parents and grandparents. Making fun of the Miami Marlins fanbase just seems low and in bad taste.

Detroit hasn't won the World Series since 1984 and hasn't won a pennant since 2012. It was thus insulting when the Comerica Park billboard flashed this: "only 2 Marlins fans actually attend games in Miami". Making fun of The Fish's attendance is just low as I said previously. It makes more sense for Detroit to focus on their own issues, such as the struggles of the likes of Spencer Torkelson and Javier Baez.

We should make sure that Major League Baseball is not about lowly insults against fanbases that suffer through too much. The Miami Marlins fanbase deserves better.

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