Should the Miami Marlins give Kim Ng a new contract?

Kim Ng
Kim Ng / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Kim Ng has been the Miami Marlins GM since November 2020, being at the position for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 seasons. Has she done a good job? Does she deserve an extension? The reason this is a topic, is that her contract comes up this off-season, and owner Bruce Sherman has been non-committal about her future. I feel like her tenure has been a roller-coaster ride from the lows, to the highs. So... what's the verdict?

The Miami Marlins have to decide on Kim Ng's future.

Kim Ng has never been a general manager until this tenure with the Miami Marlins. This isn't a criticism, as much as an observation. She is an executive with a lot of experience in Major League front offices, and everyone starts at some point. Growing pains were always to be expected, but ultimately w ehave to look at the results.

How did the Miami Marlins do during her tenure as the GM? 67-95 W-L record in 2021; 69-93 record in 2022 and 76-72 so far this season. Those aren't impressive records, but let's remember that the team was technically just coming out of a rebuild (despite making the 2020 playoffs). It makes sense to look at some of her moves...

Let's start with the good ones. The Luis Arraez trade was definitely a good one. Luis Arraez is an elite contact hitter, who was acquired for an injury-prone mid-rotation starter. I'm also a big fan of the Jake Burger trade as well. Acquiring a young cost-controlled power bat for a question mark pitching prospect is a good move. Extending ace Sandy Alcantara prior to his NL Cy Young winning season was great as well.

There were bad moves as well... Signing Avisail Garcia never looked good, I'm honestly stunned that anyone would've been weilling to sign him to a multi-year deal like that at the time. The Jean Segura and Johnny Cueto signings didn't work out either. I can't blame them too much on her, but Segura was expected to move to a position that he didn't even really play before. The Jorge Soler signing was suspect as well. Despite being a 30 homer bat this season, he was terrible in 2022 and is injured (he's injury-prone), for the stretch run now. He also received a surprisingly player-friendly contract with a player option.

This is what Bruce Sherman had to say:

“The additions of Josh Bell and Jake Burger at the deadline have been a great spark to our lineup as well as great individuals in the clubhouse.”

He praised those moves but also declined to comment on whether or not she will be given a contract extension. Should she and will she? I suspect that she'll be given an offer if the Miami Marlins make the playoffs, and most likely will still receive one even if not. She deserves to be re-signed, but only if there's no better and more experienced GM's available.

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